Naturally coloured, authentic shredded Orange Cheddar Cheese
in Australia for food establishments.


Made of perfectly aged
and fermented orange cheddar
cheese blocks.


Handling efficiency with
fine angel hair shred
melts quickly.


Great fit for pizza,
mac and cheese, salad,
croquettes & much more


Serve your end users
delicious dishes with this ready
to use cheese shreds.

Premium shredded orange cheddar cheese is the perfect addition to elevate the flavour of your restaurant or food establishments dishes. Whether you use it to melt over mac and cheese or to provide an extra boost of flavour to your pizza, this is a must have kitchen ingredient. Sourced from some of the world’s best dairy farms, Pure Dairy shredded orange Cheddar Cheese is manufactured to the high cooking standards of hotel chains, venues and food establishments.

We service some of the best food service brands in and outside Australia and we are confident that our shredded orange cheddar will not only assist in cutting down your prep time but also equally entice your customers.


Pure Dairy specialises in sourcing premium and high-quality dairy and food products from across Australia and the world. Our extensive experience in the food service industry and the understanding of their desire to serve delicious cuisines to their end users, provide us with all the expertise in sourcing materials that exceed their quality standards.

Pure Dairy specialises in sourcing a wide range of dairy products from across the world. Our shredded orange cheddar cheese is sourced from some of the best dairy farms in Australia and across the world. Whether your food establishment specialises in Mexican, Italian, American or Australian cuisine, to name a few, our angel hair shredded orange cheddar cheese is the perfect ingredient for your kitchen.

We understand professional and amateur chefs alike dislike shredded cheese that breaks or spreads unevenly on hot or cold dishes, which renders the dish visually unappealing. With our shredded orange cheddar cheese, you will forget this even happens, and love cooking with the best cheese on the market. Our orange cheddar cheese spreads evenly and stretches smoothly with any dish.

Manufactured with premium quality pasteurised milk and ingredients, orange cheddar shredded cheese is a great addition to a wide range of dishes, in terms of visual appeal and flavour. Whether it be hot or cold dishes, it is the perfect ingredient. Unlike freshly shredded orange cheddar cheeses, Pure Dairy orange cheddar cheese shreds are perfect for topping dishes like grilled cheese sandwiches, casseroles, omelettes, baked foods, and even for garnishing chilli or a fresh salad.

Product Information

Shredded Orange Cheddar Cheese

Product Code


Unit Size

1 kg Bag

Carton Size

10 x 1 kg

Shelf Life

180 Days


Pure Dairy orange cheddar shredded cheese is gluten, egg, fish, peanut, soy, tree nut and wheat free. Made from premium quality pasteurised milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzyme and annatto (a natural vegetable colour), these fine shreds are coated with potato starch and powdered cellulose and natural mould inhibitor – natamycin. These natural ingredients ensure that the product is not only tasty but also has 180 days of shelf life. Available in a
cartoon of ten 1kg bags, we ship to your doorstep.

No matter where your establishment is located, whether that be Australia, Asia or Europe, Pure Dairy is equipped to supply your order of shredded orange cheddar cheese to your food establishment’s door. As one of the leading food and dairy product manufacturers and suppliers, we have an extensive network of reliable business partners across Australia and the world. Along with our shredded Orange Cheddar Cheese, we offer a wide range of cheese and dairy products to food establishments including Mexican Cheese Blend, Burger Cheese, Cheese Sauce,
Cheese Curds, Yiasou Fetta, among others.

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